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"What is the STRANGE RED LIGHT that has been seen in coastal waters worldwide? LEARN THE FACTS! SEE THE PROOF!"
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There's Something in the Sea (shortened as Something in the Sea) was a viral game launched on on March 4th, 2009, and was part of the marketing campaign for BioShock 2. It details the investigation and related writings of Mark Meltzer, a father first interested in the abductions of young girls on coasts all around the Atlantic Ocean, and later looking for his own daughter who was kidnapped by a Big Sister. The events of "Something in the Sea" were divided up into three phases of Mark's investigation, each with a separate website page on which clues appeared regularly, which each updated being considered as "Days". The website was shut down in 2012, though almost all of its contents and updates were preserved at the Rapture Archives Center fan source website and displayed for fans since July 15, 2012. (Read More...)

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