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Programming Sign
"Some of the boys in the code pit whipped up a real doozy of an entertainment..."
Johan Mordhagen[src]

The Programming wing is one of the sections of the Operations area in Rapture Central Computing. It is where computer programmers worked and Reed Wahl held his office. It features a terminal where the minigame Spitfire can be played, and a modified Circus of Values vending machine sells the key to Felix Birnbaum's office.

The Programming wing was set up as a section of Rapture Central Computing where computer programmers worked on projects like a new trajectory calculation routine, keeping the both the mainframe and Rapture's systems running smooth, and inventing new things of which some had yet to see the potential.

It was here that Reed Wahl set up his office, allowing him to easily access The Thinker. It featured a "private storage room", where he had a Master Input Console installed. (Read More...)

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