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The BioShock Signature Series Guide is a strategy guide published by BradyGames,[1] released on August 15, 2007. It offers a guide to complete the main storyline of BioShock, as well as various strategies and techniques to make the game easier.[2]

Contents Edit

Prologue Edit

  • A brief description of the guide and its purpose.

Residents of Rapture Edit

  • The Rapture Elite: Description of three of the most important characters in the game: Andrew Ryan, Atlas, and Brigid Tenenbaum. Oddly, a picture of a unique character model for Tenenbaum is included which was never used in the game itself.
  • Splicers: Description of the different Splicer types and listing of the research rewards for each.
  • The ADAM Gatherers: Description of the Little Sisters and Big Daddies and listing of the research rewards for each.
  • Rapture Security: Description of the various robotic security forces of Rapture and listing of the research rewards for each.

Life Underwater Edit

Arm Yourself Edit

Evolve Today Edit

U-Invent, We Show You How Edit

  • Components: List of invention components
  • Inventions: List of inventable items and the components required for each (with and without hacking and the Clever Inventor tonic)

City Directory Edit

A basic walkthrough of the 14 levels of the game. Each level includes:

  • Objectives
  • New Discoveries: List of Plasmids, tonics, weapons, and enemies found for the first time in that level.
  • Rapture Directory: Level map with icons showing the location of vending machines, new discoveries, safes, Audio Diaries, and Little Sister encounters.
  • Walkthrough of each individual section of the level.
  • List of the each safe's contents
  • Description of each Little Sister encounter
  • Boss battle walkthroughs

Achievement / Trophy GuideEdit

List of all trophies/achievements and their points/color

  • Game Completion Series: All achievements related to the plot
  • Crafting Series: All achievements related to inventing items
  • Plasmid Mastery Series: All achievements related to Plasmid and Gene Tonic slots
  • Weapon Upgrade Series: All achievements related to upgrading weapons
  • Research Series: All achievements related to researching enemies
  • Hacking Series:All achievements related to successful hacking
  • Special Series: All other achievements
  • This section also lists all the Audio Diaries in the game, the speaker, and the location for the "Historian" achievement/trophy
  • The back of the achievement/trophy guide is an 11"x40" foldout poster.

References Edit

  1. BradyGames, online site
  2. BioShock Signature Series Guide, BradyGames online store

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