A list of Loading Screen Quotes which appear randomly with useful tips during loading times in BioShock.

Newspapers and AdvertisementsEdit

Andrew RyanEdit

  • "It was not impossible to build Rapture at the bottom of the sea. It was impossible to build it anywhere else."
  • "Commerce is the life blood of the city. If we are not careful, government will become the cancer."
  • "In Washington you can see them everywhere: the Parasites and baby Stalins sucking the life out of a once-great nation."
  • "What would the Russian Bear and the American Eagle do if they discovered our paradise? Our secrecy is our shield!"
  • "Why worship a flag or god when we could worship the best of us: our will to be great."
  • "We laid the foundations of Rapture at the end of the last war… but before the final, terrible war that is to come…"
  • "My city was betrayed by the weak…"

Bill McDonaghEdit

  • "Who can forget their first view of the city? Amazing what a man can create once he gets government and God off his back."
  • "Fontaine fellow… he's a crook… but he's got the ADAM, and that makes him the guv'nor."
  • "Leaks. Lunatics. Rebellion. And now bleeding ghosts. Ain't life in Rapture grand?"

Albert MilonakisEdit

  • "Me? They brought me down to this here utopia to cook hamburgers. Even supermen gotta eat, right?"
  • "Yeah, Rapture's full of fancy pants and lots of other stuffed shirts. But so long as they tip all right, I'm happy to rub elbows with 'em."

Dr. Yi SuchongEdit

  • "ADAM is the canvas of genetic modification… but Plasmids are the paint."
  • "Until ADAM, you could no more domesticate a child than a boa constrictor…"
  • "Why children take so long to grow? They eat and drink like pig and give nothing back. Must find way to accelerate process…"

Other characters (Alphabetical by last name)Edit

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