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The following is a list of Achievements and Trophies which the player can obtain in BioShock. There are a total of 51 Achievements and 52 Trophies in game. Achievements on Steam where made available with BioShock: The Collection. The Challenge Rooms downloadable content provides 12 additional Achievements/Trophies, bringing the total up to 63/64.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Name Description Gamer points Trophy type Xbox Image PS Image PC Image
Completed Welcome to Rapture Successfully complete the Welcome To Rapture Level. 10G Bronze-med Completedwelcome Ps3 Complete welcome PC-Completed Welcome To Rapture
Toaster in the Tub Shock an enemy in the water. 10G Bronze-med Toaster Ps3 Toaster PC-Toaster in the Tub

Secret Achievements and TrophiesEdit

Name Description Gamer points Trophy type Xbox Image PS Image PC Image
Defeated Dr. Steinman The player has defeated the crazed J.S. Steinman. 15G Bronze-med Defeatsteinman Ps3 Defeat Steinman PC-Defeated Dr. Steinman
Defeated Peach Wilkins The player has defeated Peach Wilkins. 15G Bronze-med Defeatpeach Ps3 Defeat Peach PC-Defeated Peach Wilkins
Restored the Forest The player has restored the forests of Arcadia. 15G Bronze-med Restoreforest Ps3 Restored Forest PC-Restored Forest
Completed Cohen's Masterpiece The player has completed Sander Cohen's great masterpiece. 30G Bronze-med Completedmasterpiece Ps3 Complete Masterpiece PC-Completed Cohen's Masterpiece
Defeated Andrew Ryan The player has defeated Andrew Ryan. 30G Bronze-med PC-Defeated Andrew Ryan Ps3 Defeat Ryan PC-Defeated Andrew Ryan
Irony The player has taken a picture of Sander Cohen's corpse. 10G Bronze-med Irony Ps3 Irony PC-Irony
Found Cohen's Room The player has entered Sander Cohen's personal quarters in Mercury Suites. 10G Bronze-med Foundcohenroom Ps3 Found CohenRoom PC-Found Cohen's Room
Broke Fontaine's Mind Control The player has broken Fontaine's mind control. 30G Bronze-med PC-Broke Fontaine's Mind Control Ps3 Broke Mind Control PC-Broke Fontaine's Mind Control
Became a Big Daddy The player has become a Big Daddy. 30G Bronze-med Becamebigdaddy Ps3 Became BigDaddy PC-Became a Big Daddy
Defeated Atlas The player has defeated Atlas. 100G Bronze-med Defeatatlas Ps3 Defeat Atlas PC-Defeated Atlas

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