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Fontaine Futuristics
"Fontaine Futuristics" found in BioShock 2.
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Over the course of the game, the player will travel through several different locations in Rapture, each one with its own unique theme and appearance. Here is the list of the locations in BioShock 2:

  • Adonis Luxury Resort - A Plasmid/Gene Tonic therapy center for the upper class citizens of Rapture, themed after Greek mythology.
  • Atlantic Express Depot - The main facility for maintenance and development of Atlantic Express Trains, and where Delta will be introduced to said trains.
  • Ryan Amusements - An amusement park where the children of Rapture were taught about the 'evils' of the surface world.
  • Pauper's Drop - Home of the working class. Was constructed to house the builders of the Atlantic Express railway.
  • Siren Alley - Rapture's red-light district, now home to Splicer prostitution and other lowly activities.
  • Dionysus Park - A park that Lamb made to recruit the artists of Rapture to her ideals.
  • Fontaine Futuristics - The headquarters of Frank Fontaine's Plasmid business, seized by Ryan.
  • Outer Persephone - A former psychiatric hospital, it is the location of Sofia Lamb's office and base of operations.
  • Inner Persephone - A hidden penal colony used to hold Rapture's political dissidents.

Minerva's Den DLC Edit

These locations are explorable in the Minerva's Den DLC:

  • Minerva's Den - Houses the central computing mainframe and The Thinker, Rapture's super computer.
  • Operations - Employee's Only area within Minerva's Den.
  • The Thinker - Deep within Minerva's Den, The Thinker awaits retrieval.
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