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When done properly, a game's user interface fades into the background, working seamlessly, unnoticed by the player. However, the UI and HUD plays a critical role in the success of the overall gameplay--its functionality can make or break a gamer's experience. In BioShock 2, the UI goes [a] step further--it had to convey the state of the city and tell the player whether they were in Rapture during the midst of a civil war, or rummaging through wreckage years after the fall. This not only adds to the atmosphere of the overall game, but also tips the balance on whether the experience transports and immerses a player in Rapture.
― Deco Devolution Artbook - Introduction to User Interface chapter[src]

Main MenuEdit


The main menu when using PS3 or Xbox.

This is the main menu of BioShock 2. On PC the player can control it with the mouse. The console versions of the menu is a little bit different as one can see. The player can navigate with the controller and when they highlight an option, the sound of a sonar can be heard.

Single PlayerEdit

This takes the player to the Single Player version of the game.

  • Continue

Only available if one has started a new game. The player can continue their last saved progress.

  • New Game

One can begin a whole new game, by selecting one's preferred difficulty (Easy, Medium, or Hard). If the player is using a controller, the game first asks them to set the brightness level.

  • Load Game

One can load up a saved game.

  • Options screen

Takes the player to the options screen, where they can set many different options.

  • Credits

Watch the list of creators of BioShock 2.

  • Downloadable Content

If the player has installed downloadable content, they will find them here. This section also offers a short cut to the stores of the consoles.


This takes the player to the Multilayer version of the game.

  • Continue to Apartment

Takes the player to the Multiplayer Apartment.

  • Player Lobby

Opens the menu for the multiplayer match. Where the player can find a match, customize its character or loadout, view stats and play a private match.

  • Single Player Game

This takes the player to the Single player mode.

  • Options

Takes the player to the options screen, where they can set many different options.

  • Credits

Watch the list of credits for BioShock 2.

  • Downloadable Content

Opens the store for the consoles, where the player can buy/download add-ons.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

  • As stated in Deco Devolution artbook by Jim Ingram, UI Artist, 2K Marin: "I did play with the idea of having actual 3D elements in the UI. I played with the idea that inside your helmet, you would have this chained piece floating in liquid that actually displayed stuff to you. Your HUD and Health would be in these sort of vials. That was an interesting idea that was kind of funny because it was kind of like a bathtub too."