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Aside from the Drill, Subject Delta has an arsenal of weapons with different types of ammunition in BioShock 2. All weapons have a common ammo variant, an uncommon ammo variant, and a rare ammo variant:

  • .50 Caliber Round
    • .50 Caliber Round
    • Anti-Personnel Round
    • Armor-Piercing Round
  • Drill Fuel
  • Grenade
    • Frag Grenade
    • Proximity Mine
    • Heat-Seeking Rocket
  • Hack Dart
    • Remote Hack Dart
    • Auto-Hack Dart
    • Mini-Turret
  • Rivet
    • Rivet
    • Trap Rivet
    • Heavy Rivet
  • Shell
    • 00 Buck
    • Solid Slug
    • Phosphorus Buck
  • Spear
    • Spear Ammo
    • Trap Spear Ammo
    • Rocket Spear Ammo

Minerva's Den Edit

Subject Sigma also has access the Ion Cell ammunition type, used with the Ion Laser introduced in Minerva's Den.

  • Ion Cell
    • Laser Cell
    • Thermal Cell
    • Burst Cell

BioShock 2 Ammunition Icons Edit

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