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Kinetoscope Beware the False Shepard

"Beware The False Shepherd!"
Level: Town Center

[propaganda poster reading "The False Shepherd Seeks Only to Lead Our Lamb Astray"]
Who is The False Shepherd?
[man in Shantytown holding a book]
Is it
[a preacher in the Welcome Center]
Is it
[impresario presenting Vigors]
Or him?
[man giving a speech]
Is it
[various cuts of a man sitting on a bench next to two chatting women, two men talking to a woman, a man sitting on the sidewalk]
Only our vigilance protects The Lamb from The False Shepherd!
[image of Monument Tower peering through clouds]

Location: Just outside the Grocery store in New Eden Square, near the Barbershop Quartet.

KIN gNr002-lNr02 Beware The False Shepherd! f0739


BioShock Infinite Beware the False Shepherd00:33

BioShock Infinite Beware the False Shepherd

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