Grace Holloway Title Better Times with Lamb
Speaker Grace Holloway
Level Pauper's Drop
Better Times with Lamb
AD gNr036-lNr02 Grace Holloway - Better Times With Lamb f0076
Transcript: My folks lived in the St. Louis Hooverville in '32... and the Drop is worse by a mile. Nobody's supposed to live down here, city pissing on us. 'Never dry'. Ryan doesn't care and Fontaine's a damn crook, but Doctor Lamb cares. We're still people to her. She's offering free mental counseling on Sundays. When I go, I get the feeling she's got a plan for Rapture... and for me.

Location: On the roof of Marlene's Flower Emporium, next to the Hacker's Delight Tonic.

AD gNr036-lNr02 Grace Holloway - Better Times With Lamb f0077

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