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Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title Betrayal
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Fontaine Futuristics
AD gNr105-lNr15 Andrew Ryan - Betrayal f0221
Transcript: I... visited Eve's Garden today... it ended poorly. My seed... sold to the enemy. The motive of the whore, as yet, eludes me. But Atlas approaches... and come what may, I will not be made a slave. I wonder... in recording, do I confess? Just now, Sinclair saw me in the corridor, perhaps reading my face. The bastard looked me right in the eye... and suggested I make an appointment with Doctor Lamb.

Location: In cell number 1 of the live test facility at the ADAM Research Laboratory. Requires Incinerate!.

AD gNr105-lNr15 Andrew Ryan - Betrayal f0222 AD gNr105-lNr15 Andrew Ryan - Betrayal f0223

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