That's it --if Ryan can't keep us safe' then the job falls to me… Maybe it's time I check out these Sinclair Solutions Home Defense Tools I've been hearing about.
― Bernon White[src]

Bernon White was a man living in Rapture during the Civil War. He is known only by a few loading screen quotes in BioShock 2 Multiplayer. Bernon was a frequent victim of break-ins by Splicers looking for ADAM. Desperately seeking a way to protect himself and his wife, Ditty, Bernon turned to Sinclair Solutions and participated in their consumer rewards program. Bernon set up several Geyser Traps in and around his home and succeeded in surprising at least one hostile Splicer that stepped on his traps. However, when Ditty accidentally sets off one of his traps while trying to mop it up (having mistaken it for a puddle), she becomes seriously injured, furious or dies, leaving Bernon to beg her not to leave him.