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Eleanor Lamp Portrait Title Behind Mother's Back
Speaker Eleanor Lamb
Level Outer Persephone
Behind Mother's Back
AD gNr109-lNr02 Eleanor Lamb - Behind Mother's Back f0230
Transcript: I've been quarantined, but Mother's unaware of the extent of my connections to the new Little Sisters. I don't just empathize with them, I can control them directly. They are my hands and my eyes, now. Better yet: we have found Father's body, and took a gene sample. The girls are hiding the samples inside those dolls we used to make. It's only a matter of time before I work out a way to rig one of those Vita-Chambers to seek his genetic signature... and then... I can't wait to see Mother's face....

Location: On the desk with a Big Sister helmet in the Repair Shop of the Cell Blocks.

AD gNr109-lNr02 Eleanor Lamb - Behind Mother's Back f0231 AD gNr109-lNr02 Eleanor Lamb - Behind Mother's Back f0232

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