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Bedtime surprise

Bedtime Surprise is one of several plays/musicals written by Sander Cohen, shown in the Fleet Hall of Fort Frolic in the underwater city of Rapture. By analyzing the poster for the play/musical, it can be ascertained that it stared a man and a woman (presumably more), and one if not both could have been the lead/s. The title "Bedtime Surprise" indicates that the show would have had some sort of sexual theme, or simply; a surprise during bedtime.


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Sander Cohen was criticized for his actions as a propaganda mill to promote Rapture in the best light possible.[1] With this in mind, Bedtime Surprise may well have been a form of entertainment-disguised propaganda for Andrew Ryan. As posters can be found in locations like Fort Frolic during BioShock, it can be assumed that Bedtime Surprise was shown at the Fleet Hall until the closing of Fort Frolic, during the Civil War.

BioShock 2 MultiplayerEdit

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A poster for the production can be found in the Glamour Suite's dining room in the Mercury Suites map of BioShock 2 Multiplayer.


  1. Anna Culpepper's Audio Diary: Ryan's Stableboy

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