Kinetoscope Battleship Falls

"Battleship Falls"
Level: Comstock House

Battleship Falls
William R. Foreman
1909 No. 99
[silent footage of the view above the artificial waterfall in Battleship Bay; several moments later, the camera jerks and falls into the water and the screen goes black]
William R. Foreman
(October 13, 1867 - July 2, 1909)

Location: Where We Learn, in the hallway past the Security Center and the one-way mirror.

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BioShock Infinite Foreman 5 - Battleship Falls00:21

BioShock Infinite Foreman 5 - Battleship Falls

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This is the last of five actuality films recorded by William R. Foreman. As suggested by the film itself, Foreman died during its production.

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