A poster advertising the Automatic Gentleman.

The Automatic Gentleman was a concept for a servant automaton in Columbia. Programmed with the rules of etiquette and gallantry, Automatic Gentlemen would have served the ladies of the city wealthy enough to purchase them. Though these do not exist in BioShock Infinite, the gondola pilots and vending machine automatons in the game bear more than a passing resemblance to the Automatic Gentleman.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Automatic Gentleman was an evolving concept that would later be the catalyst for the Motorized Patriot. Originally, the Automatic Gentleman was inspired by 20th century fascination with exploring technology into the field of early robotics and complicated machinery, which Irrational Games felt that for Columbia, they would consider their scientific hive-mind imagination to create a servant for the society. As Nate Wells mentions, "There's this fantasy that people of the time wanted these automatons to do things for them. We don't start with a gun. We set the vibe first."[1]


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