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now we have something."
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An automated stallion.

Equis Mechanical - The Automatic Stallion! The Horse of the Future - Today!
― Fair advertisement[src]

An Automated Stallion, also known as Equis Mechanical, is a lifelike horse automaton in Columbia, developed by Easter & Sons Premium Automated Stallions under Fink Manufacturing.[1] Unlike regular horses which could be a drain on resources or react unexpectedly in the flying city, Automated Stallions replaced regular draft animals.


Automated Stallion with Carriage and Driver

An Easter & Sons automated stallion.

Since 1904, Payton Lane Easter and his family engineered the Automated Stallion as an alternate mode of transportation for Columbia's military forces,[1] possibly as a replacement for horses that were likely to fall off the floating city when startled by weather conditions and enemy attacks. They were later made available to Columbia's public.

BioShock Infinite Gameplay DemoEdit

An Automated Stallion appears briefly in the beginning of the BioShock Infinite Gameplay Demo, where it is seen drawing a newspaper carriage along the street. Instead of hind legs, a large pair of wheels moves the Automated Stallion, with attached rods and pulleys that move its front legs to simulate a horse's gait. The machine includes a simulated yell that's generated from its engine. On the Automated Stallion's back is a conduits and a mechanism containing Shock Jockey crystals, which power it.

BioShock InfiniteEdit

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In the final released game, Automated Stallions is painted white with gold accents, and releases sparks from a device on its back. It appears in several known locations:

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

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The Rapture scientist Dr. Yi Suchong observed one of the Stallions through a Tear, trying to learn more about the floating city. He had a photograph taken of it, which can be seen when Elizabeth arrives in the Silver Fin Restaurant.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Possession Advertisement 2

An Automated Stallion seen on the Possession advertisement.

  • Despite the fact that the Possession ad depicts the Vigor being used on an Automated Stallion, using it on one in game has no effect.
  • Actual living horses can be found in every gameplay demo of BioShock Infinite. One can also be seen in the official commercial for BioShock Infinite. However, living horses never appear in the final release.


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