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Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title Attracting the Looters
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Minerva's Den
Attracting the Looters
AD gNr148-lNr19 Andrew Ryan - Attracting the Looters f0311
Transcript: Porter: it has come to my attention that a certain... prominent bronze figure has been installed in Minerva's Den. An original cast from the mold, no less. Such indulgence leaves a trail. If that costly little souvenir brings the Looters sniffing to my door, and I am forced to gun them down... it will be at your feet that I lay the blame.

Location: On a desk in the first room on the right in the corporate offices past the magnetic lock. Requires Gravity Well.

AD gNr148-lNr19 Andrew Ryan - Attracting the Looters f0312

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