BigKate Title Attention: Workers!
Speaker "Big Kate" O'Malley
Level Adonis Luxury Resort
Attention: Workers!
AD gNr001-lNr01 Big Kate O'Malley - Attention Workers! f0001
Transcript: Lesson one, mop jockeys: You are under the ocean now. If you feel the soft patter of rain on your hat, you're already fired. Lesson two: you can jumpstart a dead generator with a direct spark, but clear the guests out of the pool first! Scares these rich pricks to watch a workin' stiff hurlin' thunderbolts, ya follow me?

Location: To the left of the pool room generator in Adonis Baths.

AD gNr001-lNr01 Big Kate O'Malley - Attention Workers! f0002

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