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AudioLog SamanthaKemp Title Atlas Provides
Speaker Samantha Kemp
Level Housewares
Date December the 24th, 1958
Atlas Provides
Atlas Provides
Transcript: Huh. I never thought anyone would be able to bring all these degenerate splice-heads into line. I gotta hand it to Atlas. After Ryan locked us up in this pit, I thought that was it. Just a long, final dive into the abyss. But he's given us hope. Or what passes for it down in Rapture. When a person's got nothing, hope's about the kindest thing you can give her. Or the cruelest.

Location: In the locked Storage Area of the Manta Ray Lounge, siting on a tray of plates.

VP gNr112-lNr14 Samantha Kemp - Atlas Provides f0716 VP gNr112-lNr14 Samantha Kemp - Atlas Provides f0717

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