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Sofia Lamb Title Arrangements
Speaker Sofia Lamb
Level Pauper's Drop
AD gNr040-lNr06 Sofia Lamb - Arrangements f0084

Sofia Lamb: Now Eleanor, Mummy has to go away for a while. You shall be staying with Aunt Gracie.

Eleanor Lamb: Mummy, don't go... (edge of crying)

Sofia: Eleanor, you are better than that. Do you remember what I told you?

Eleanor (miserable): I am very special.

Sofia: That's right. And what else?

Eleanor (still sad): I was born to change the world.

Sofia: Yes. And when Mummy returns home... the world will be very different indeed. She will make it ready for you.

Location: Beside the vent shrine on the roof of Fontaine Clinics in the Town Square.

AD gNr040-lNr06 Sofia Lamb - Arrangements f0085

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