Ampheta Time Poster
Monday morning blues? Perk up with Ampheta Time!
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Ampheta Time! is a recreational drug sold in the underwater city of Rapture.


Being a city where the moral and ethical constrains found on the surface were not an issue, the entrepreneurs starting up businesses in Rapture could profit of anything they liked and could sell. One of these products were Ampheta Time!, a blue pill containing an undisclosed amount of the stimulant amphetamine. The pill would increase the attention and activity of the user, which the workingmen of Rapture would likely enjoy.

Burial at Sea - Episode 2Edit

Main article: Burial at Sea - Episode 2

A physical example of the pill is not found during the episode, but Elizabeth comes across advertisements for the drug in the Service Bay in Bathyspheres DeLuxe of Fontaine's. As the Service Bay was a place of manual labor, the ads were placed to provide the workers with a solution for potential fatigue.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Come on, gang! We’re building arms for victory! Ampheta Time!

The "Come on, gang! We’re building arms for victory!" poster.

  • The Ampheta Time! poster is based of a 1942 World War II "Come on, gang! We’re building arms for victory!" propaganda poster, designed and released by the Office for Emergency Management – War Production Board.[1]


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