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Rep. Alvin H. Carseman is a member of the Congress, whom Mark Meltzer briefly contacted in Phase One of There's Something in the Sea. When Meltzer was investigating the kidnappings of young girls around the world, he decided to contact the Congress, requesting information about the investigation conducted by the Congress. Carseman sent Meltzer one letter in return, in which he thanked Meltzer for the information included with the letter, and explained that it had been included in the investigation by the Air Force, as well as the Office of Naval Intelligence. Carseman further stated that while the phenomena was researched by the said organizations, the kidnappings should be investigated by the FBI, and requested that Mark contacted them. However, Mark instead decided to contact the ONI, leading to the first contact with Roscoe Inman, one of his later main contacts. Mark did not contact Carseman again during his search for Rapture.

Letter Edit

6/25/67 Edit

Alvin H. Carseman 20th District, Manhattan

 Congress of the United States
Office of the Minority Leader
House of Representatives
Washington. D.C.

JULY 25 1967

Dear Mr. Meltzer:

Thank you for your recent letter with attached information concerning sightings of unidentified submerged vessels and related incidents.

Though occurring at sea, your enclosed descriptions of moving lights bear strong parallels to similar phenomena noted in aerial environments in recent years. As you may be aware, the Air Force has authorized a thorough investigation of such UFO phenomena. The Air Force has satisfactorily provided explanations for a high percentage of such reports.

Rest assured that your materials has been forwarded to the Air Force investigation officers, as well as the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) for full review. However, kidnapping incidents are more appropriately handled by the F.B.I. If you have any information that may assist in these investigations, please contact your local field office, at the phone number enclosed.

Kindest Regards.


Alvin H. Carseman, M.C.

AHC: h

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