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For the character in BioShock Infinite, see Albert Fink.
Albert Milonakis
"Yeah, Rapture's full of fancy pants and lots of other stuffed shirts. But so long as they tip all right, I'm happy to rub elbows with 'em."
―Albert Milonakis[src]

Albert Milonakis was a cook in Rapture.


Rapture was billed as being for "the best and brightest," but although these men and women could be considered elite, they obviously had basic needs, like eating. This is why people like Albert Milonakis were brought to Rapture; to make the life for the best and brightest a bit easier and in Milonakis' case, it was to "cook hamburgers."[1] He was aware of the class difference, but, being a pragmatic, down-to earth man, he didn't mind, as long as his "fancy pants" costumers gave him a good tip.[2] Milonakis was a devoted connoisseur of Nico Time brand cigarettes and turned down any other brands, like Oxford Club, as he preferred the flavor of Nico Time and they were less expensive.[3]


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What is presumed to be Milonakis' corpse can be found in the tobacco storage area of the Le Marquis D'Epoque located in the Southern Mall, which Jack can optionally visit while being trapped in Fort Frolic by Sander Cohen. By the looks of the surrounding, Milonakis was killed by a heavy spray of bullets. Before his demise, he apparently acquired the code for the tobacco storage in Robertson's Tobaccoria of Poseidon Plaza, containing even more tobacco products for the man.

Audio DiaryEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • A some-what different version of Le Marquis D'Epoque is visited during the BioShock Tech Demo, where a Baby Jane Splicer corpse is found in the place of Milonakis'.[4]


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