Aerial Assassin trophy

Aerial Assassin is an Achievement/Trophy in BioShock Infinite. The Achievement is worth 5 Gamer Score and the Trophy is bronze.

Description: Killed 20 enemies with a Sky-Line Strike.


The Player will have to kill 20 enemies using the Sky-Hook weapon's Strike ability: killing an enemy by striking them from a Sky-Line or Freight Hook.


  • After equipping the Sky-Hook at the Raffle Square, the player will always have it on hand.
  • The first area where the player can use this ability is Comstock Center Rooftops.
  • Normal hits with the Sky-Hook won't work.
  • The enemy has to die from the Strike (the final blow), if the enemy survives, it will not count.


  • Focus on normal human enemies as they will usually die with just one Strike.
    • To ensure that the enemy dies with one Strike, play on the easy difficulty setting.
  • The player can abuse the checkpoints in order to get this Achievement/Trophy. Find a location with enemies and a Sky-Line or a Freight Hook and simply kill everyone in the area using the Strike ability and reload your last save to start again. A great place for this is Patriot's Pavilion of Soldier's Field.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Achievement/Trophy icon depicts a hot air balloon with a human skull painted on the balloon part.