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Diary 15 Title A True Soldier
Speaker Vivian Monroe
Level Soldier's Field
Date April the 10th, 1911
A True Soldier
Vivian Monroe - A true soldier
Transcript: God makes all kinds of soldiers, but he only made one Cornelius Slate. My father followed him up San Juan Hill, through the legations in Peking, and -- as he put it -- “through hell, the order was given.” At today’s muster, Slate asked me if I was Sergeant Monroe’s daughter. I said, “Yes, sir, I am.” Slate said, “Your father always wanted a son. I hope the fool has wisdom enough to recognize his good fortune.”

Location: On the second floor of Patriot's Pavilion, near the railing.

VP gNr027-lNr02 Vivian Monroe - A True Soldier f0573 VP gNr027-lNr02 Vivian Monroe - A True Soldier f0574

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