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Gil Alexander Title A Secular Saint
Speaker Gilbert Alexander
Level Dionysus Park
A Secular Saint
AD gNr086-lNr11 Gilbert Alexander - A Secular Saint f0181
Transcript: The genius of Sofia Lamb is a thing of empathy, a profound moral sense; I can only describe her... as a kind of... of secular saint. But dividing her loyalty evenly across the world at large spreads it so thin as to be invisible to some. Love... I have found, is... beneath her. Naturally, Ryan arrested her... gave her to Sinclair to incarcerate somewhere. But upon her escape, she took the city... and changed my life forever.

Location: In the backstage area of the Triton Cinema.

AD gNr086-lNr11 Gilbert Alexander - A Secular Saint f0182

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • This audio diary was originally to appear in Fontaine Futuristics, as seen in the localization texts and association to the audio file ABY_L_GilP_LabWalk_01.

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