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Brigid Tenenbaum Title A Possible Solution
Speaker Brigid Tenenbaum
Level Minerva's Den
A Possible Solution
AD gNr143-lNr14 Brigid Tenenbaum - A Possible Solution f0301
Transcript: I have begun testing a new approach to the Splicing Sickness problem. ADAM remembers, you see. The method uses the ADAM's own "recall" of past cell configurations to revert each of the patient's genetic changes -- with one final dose, we return the patient to his former self! It is only theory: the number of potential bonding sites for even a single test is innumerable, and I cannot calculate alone. But I have heard of an adding machine at the heart of the city, beyond the capability of any device the world has known. Perhaps... if I could harness its power...

Location: On a table in the flooded basement. The left junction where the direction signs to the warehouse and the canister retrieval are located in the Air-Tite Archives.

AD gNr143-lNr14 Brigid Tenenbaum - A Possible Solution f0302

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