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Andrew Ryan BioShock 2 Title A New Patient?
Speaker Andrew Ryan
Level Minerva's Den

Lamb: Andrew Ryan...and a large, armed man. Gentlemen. Welcome. Have you come for counsel?

Ryan: I? Hardly, Doctor. Psychiatry is not medicine; it is gypsy palm-reading for affluent rubes.

Lamb: It follows, then, that only those with soiled hands need fear it.

Ryan: Do not banter with me, Lamb. You resigned at Ryan Amusements. Your politics are in question. Sgt. Manley here will visit once a week to screen your 'patient diaries' for risks to...the company. Is that clear?

Lamb: Oh...perfectly. See you at next week's session, Sgt. Manley.

Location: Removed audio diary found in the localization texts and associated with the audio file MDA_L_Ryan_LambRole_01a.

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