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BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon4 Title A Little Help
Speaker Edith Crenshaw
Level Housewares
Date February the 6th, 1952
A Little Help
A Little Help
Transcript: Why can't Franklin read quietly in a corner, like I did as a child? Careless -- not a single thought to where an accident might lead us… Doctor Werthem prescribed a Plasmid -- a "mother's little helper" to keep me sharp. I've had my misgivings, but … I let my guard down for a second, that boy may get himself killed!

Location: Behind the counter at the Bridal store, past the Electronics department.

VP gNr097-lNr04 Edith Crenshaw - A Little Help f0696 VP gNr097-lNr04 Edith Crenshaw - A Little Help f0697

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