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Grace Holloway Title A Gift from Lamb
Speaker Grace Holloway
Level Pauper's Drop
A Gift from Lamb
AD gNr048-lNr14 Grace Holloway - A Gift from Lamb f0100
Transcript: I know it's wrong to feel so fine right now, but I can't seem to quit this grin. Doctor Lamb came to tell me that Ryan's finally going to lock her up. It's going to gut the believers. And I should feel the same. But. Sofia remembered that I... that I was barren. And she asked me to take care of her baby while she's gone -- baby Eleanor Lamb! Gorgeous, clever little girl. I have a child, now, and it's going to put the whole world aright.

Location: In the bathroom of Room 106 of The Sinclair Deluxe.

AD gNr048-lNr14 Grace Holloway - A Gift from Lamb f0101

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