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BaSE1-AudioDiaryIcon6 Title A Gift from Fontaine
Speaker Ray Lardner
Level Fontaine's Department Store
Date September the 9th, 1958
A Gift from Fontaine
A Gift from Fontaine
Transcript: Frank Fontaine called me in the other day. Me! Ray Lardner! Says trouble's comin' an' he's passing out "special" Plasmids to all his best guys. *Shivers* I mean, it's an honor but, man... I started getting these shingles all over. Skin's discolored ... like when a guy's about to lose a limb, you know? An' I can't seem to pile on enough clothes. I hate to ask, but -- is this happenin' to everybody?

Location: In the Souvenirs store at the entrance of Jack Frost's Village.

VP gNr092-lNr08 Ray Lardner - A Gift from Fontaine f0686 VP gNr092-lNr08 Ray Lardner - A Gift from Fontaine f0687

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