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Billy Parson Title A Gift from Billy
Speaker Billy Parson
Level Dionysus Park
A Gift from Billy
AD gNr077-lNr02 Billy Parson - A Gift from Billy f0160
Transcript: Dear yellow-eyed girl: My name is Billy and I saw you the other day at the merry-go-'round. I think you are very pretty, and I like your blue dress and the songs you sing about angels. My mom says your dad is scary, but I think he is strong and nice like a comic book hero. I got you a gift and put it in the basement where nobody will find it. The secret code for the door is one-oh-eight-oh. I hope you like it. I will wave to you next time I see you so you know it's me.

Location: At the bottom of the blocked staircase in Basement Storage, right of the door to Cohen's Collection.

AD gNr077-lNr02 Billy Parson - A Gift from Billy f0161

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