Diary 23 Title A Final Stand
Speaker Cornelius Slate
Level Soldier's Field
Date July the 6th, 1912
A Final Stand
Cornelius Slate - A Final Stand
Transcript: Veterans! You shed your hearts' blood for Columbia, lost limb and viscera in the godless Orient! Comstock did nothing! And yet -- look up! Whose image squats above you, even now? At every angle an insult! If the Prophet would make a painted whore of our past, what fresh rape does our future hold? Let us now make our stand, and fill yonder Hall with true Heroes!

Location: In the trolley at the station platform outside the Hall of Heroes' Plaza.

VP gNr031-lNr05 Cornelius Slate - A Final Stand f0580 VP gNr031-lNr05 Cornelius Slate - A Final Stand f0581

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