Kinetoscope A City in the Sky Impossible

"A City in the Sky? Impossible!"
Level: Soldier's Field

The great lady of science shows off her wonders!
[Rosalind Lutece stands with her arms folded against the floating model of Columbia inside the Soldier's Field Welcome Center; a fascinated crowd looks on]
How does that darn thing fly?
[Lutece leans against the railing of the real floating city of Columbia; photographers raise flash-lamps]
"Quantum mechanics!" says the little lady!
(We say it's more like women's intuition!)

Location: Inside the Soldier's Field Welcome Center next to the scale model of Columbia.

KIN gNr010-lNr01 A City in the Sky? Impossible! f0747


BioShock Infinite A city in the Sky? Impossible!00:23

BioShock Infinite A city in the Sky? Impossible!

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