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Kinetoscope A City Mourns

"A City Mourns..."
Level: Hall of Heroes
Additional Location: Soldier's Field

[view of people in mourning at Lady Comstock's grave in Memorial Gardens]
Lady Comstock's tomb opens for public viewing in Emporia.
[view of the tomb with the glass coffin and a large portrait surrounded by braziers; top view of Lady Comstock's body dressed in black with her arms folded on her chest]
Columbia shall never forget your sacrifice, Dear Lady!

Location: Inside the gift shop in the Hall of Heroes.
Additional Location: In the lobby area of the First Lady's Aerodrome before entering The First Lady zeppelin, only obtainable after Shock Jockey is acquired.

KIN gNr015-lNr01 Behold the Miracle Child! A Prophecy is Fulfilled! f0752 KIN gNr017-lNr03 A City Mourns... f0755 KIN gNr014-lNr05 A City Mourns... f0751


BioShock Infinite A City Mourns..00:23

BioShock Infinite A City Mourns...

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