Diary 19 Title A City, Suspended
Speaker Rosalind Lutece
Level Downtown Emporia
Date August the 10th, 1890
A City, Suspended
Rosalind Lutece - A City, Suspended
Transcript: I had trapped the atom in mid-air. Colleagues called my Lutece Field “Quantum Levitation”, but in fact, it was nothing of the sort. Magicians levitate. My atom simply failed to fall. If an atom could be suspended indefinitely, well -- why not an apple? If an apple, why not a city?

Location: In the Financial District, behind the locked doors of a balcony.

VP gNr059-lNr01 Rosalind Lutece - A City, Suspended f0629 VP gNr059-lNr01 Rosalind Lutece - A City, Suspended f0630

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