Diary 19 Title A Better Father
Speaker Rosalind Lutece
Level Lutece Labs
Date March the 3rd, 1896
A Better Father
Rosalind Lutece - A Better Father
Transcript: Fink's bird is a repulsive creature. But I suppose a prison needs a guard. What surprised me is not how the girl has imprinted upon the monster. After all, one might observe a baby chimpanzee accept a wire replica for its mother. But I did not expect the brute to be capable of forming an attachment in return. Hm. Perhaps it could prove a better father to her than the two she has known.

Location: Next to a stack of books on the dresser on the left in the back of the bedroom upstairs.

VP gNr125-lNr01 Rosalind Lutece - A Better Father f0830

Behind the ScenesEdit

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