J.S. SteinmanHQ Title ADAM's Changes
Speaker J.S. Steinman
Level Medical Pavilion
ADAM's Changes
J.S. Steinman - ADAM's Changes
Transcript: Ryan and ADAM, ADAM and Ryan... All those years of study, and was I ever truly a surgeon before I met them? How we plinked away with our scalpels and toy morality. Yes, we could lop a boil here, and shave down a beak there, but... but could we really change anything? No. But ADAM gives us the means to do it. And Ryan frees us from the phony ethics that held us back. Change your look, change your sex, change your race. It's yours to change, nobody else's.

Location: On the desk in Emergency Access.

AD gNr004-lNr02 J.S. Steinman - ADAM's Changes f0385

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