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Diary 13 Title 1) GOOD GENES RANT
Speaker Jimmy Jampot
Level BioShock Infinite Removed Content
Date February 15, 1914
Transcript: How is it that we of Columbia are so careful with the pedigree of our dogs and horses and then leave the ancestry of our children to blind sentiment? A lovely young woman could be riddled to the core with feeble genetic code. Here[sic] genes could breed criminals, paupers, and bedlamites if not rooted out of the genetic pool! Citizens should not choose mates for themselves!

Location: Removed from the game, though the transcript states it can be found at "The Little Red Bottle."


  • This Voxophone was removed from the game, but its transcript is still available in the Localization files.
  • It should also be noted that this Voxophone is dated after the game's setting (1914 as opposed to 1912).

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