Mark Title "Child" and Guardian
Speaker Mark Meltzer
Level Ryan Amusements
"Child" and Guardian
AD gNr022-lNr07 Mark Meltzer - Child and Guardian f0047
Transcript: I found one of those children at last. Filthy dress, all alone. I approached her… praying that it was my little girl. But she was… gorging herself on blood from a corpse. It wasn't her. I stared, just, just reeling, and then that skinny… armored freak that took Cindy jumped me, shrieking like an animal! I escaped but… could Cindy have become one of those… things? I've got to find her, now more than ever.

Location: On a counter in the far alcove of the El Dorado Lounge.

AD gNr022-lNr07 Mark Meltzer - Child and Guardian f0048

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